Chairman Leng Jie participated in the training and inspection activities of small giant enterprises in science and technology

Column:Company News Time:2013-05-06



On April 27 and 28, Tianjin launched the training and investigation activities for small technology giants. 230 small technology giants in Tianjin focused on training and exchange, and went to Shenzhen for study and inspection. Huang Xingguo, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor, attended the entrepreneur training meeting and made a mobilization speech. He Shushan, deputy mayor, led 230 heads of small technology giant enterprises in Shenzhen to investigate the development of high-tech enterprises and learn the experience of innovation, entrepreneurship and excellence. Leng Jie, the chairman and general manager of the company, participated in the above activities on behalf of Jingcheng Machine Tool. The delegation inspected five high-tech enterprises, including Tencent Holdings Limited and Huawei Technology Limited. He Shushan, Vice Mayor of Tianjin, pointed out in the inspection activities that although the training exchanges in Tianjin during the Shenzhen inspection and the first half of the period were short in time and tight in schedule, due to adequate preparation and orderly organization, the participating enterprises attached great importance to them and achieved the desired results. Especially, we learned the spirit of pioneering, the courage to innovate, the awareness of seizing market opportunities and the path of accelerating the development of enterprises. It is hoped that entrepreneurs can learn from their own experience and achieve "digestion, absorption and re-innovation" so as to accelerate the growth of enterprises as leaders in their fields.

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