The company's "Academician Expert Enterprise Workstation" has been approved

Column:Company News Time:2013-05-06


The company's "Academician Expert Enterprise Workstation" began preparations in early 2012. After communication and consultation with the city government and academician experts, the company formally started and began to carry out various pre-work. In early August 2012, the company formally submitted its application. After on-site inspection and evaluation by experts organized by Tianjin Association of Science and Technology, it has been publicized and approved by Tianjin Association of Science and Technology. Recently approved.

The company hired academician Lu Bingheng and his team of Chinese Academy of Engineering to enter the academician expert enterprise workstation, established a long-term cooperation mechanism with Academician experts, and carried out in-depth work on difficult project decision-making consultation, technology research and development, high-end technology innovation personnel training, advanced science and technology information exchange, introduction and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and deepened production. Cooperation between universities and research institutes. The company will give full play to the role of workstations, make use of the advantages of high-end scientific and technological personnel resources, further improve the ability of independent innovation, continue to maintain the leading position in the field of CNC gear processing machine tools in China, and constantly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

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