Liu Jinzhong, Vice Chairman of CPPCC Regional Committee, went to Jingcheng Company for investigation

Column:Company News Time:2012-05-25

In order to earnestly implement the CPPCC system's requirement of "adjusting structure, benefiting the people's livelihood and improving the level of work", on the morning of May 24, Liu Jinzhong, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC of Dongli District, Tianjin, led the heads of relevant departments to conduct research and assistance in Tianjin Jingcheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd. to help enterprises coordinate and solve the difficulties encountered in development. Difficulties.

During the investigation, Liu Jinzhong and his delegation visited the project of Tianjin Jingcheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and listened to the work report of General Manager Leng Jie. They fully affirmed the remarkable achievements of independent innovation of Jingcheng Machine Tool.

Liu Jinzhong requests that all relevant departments in the district should take the opportunity of "adjusting structure, benefiting people's livelihood and raising the level" activities to further change their work style, continuously increase support efforts, go deep into the grass-roots level and the front line, and provide high-quality and efficient services for enterprises stationed in the district, so as to promote sound and rapid economic and social development of the whole region.

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