Sincere Machine Tool: Mainstream Demand for Product Upgrade

Column:Company News Time:2012-04-16

Reprinted Qi Xueling, a reporter of China Industry Daily, April 16, 2012

Tianjin Jingcheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has introduced JCB60 NC bevel gear milling machine with two processing modes of dry cutting and wet cutting, which has the functions of processing Grison and Olekang spiral bevel gears. After solving the problem of gear manufacturing which puzzles the processing of spiral bevel gears in China, four new products will be introduced this year. Number appeared at Nanjing CNC Machine Tool Exhibition.

That is, YH606 CNC spiral bevel gear milling machine, which is suitable for processing medium modulus spiral bevel gears in car, light truck, tractor, construction machinery and other industries, is widely used in automobile, tractor, engineering machinery, national defense equipment and aviation manufacturing field, especially for precision passive gears of rear axle of automobile and tractor. YH6250A CNC spiral bevel gear broaching machine; JCC32M CNC cyclone gear milling machine specially for synchronizer gear slider slot processing; YHL9380 CNC gear chamfering machine for locomotive, tractor, heavy machine tool and wind power equipment processing.

The reason why the reporters tirelessly listed the four new machine tools here is that these new products embody the unique insistence of sincere machine tools in the process of product upgrading. This is to take the mainstream demand of the market as the entry point and innovation point of product upgrading, and strive to meet the expectations, concerns and aspirations of high-end machine tool users to the maximum extent, paving the way for the transformation of Chinese machine tool users to technology-based and benefit-based enterprises, thus exploring a way for upgrading the products of Chinese machine tool manufacturing industry. A new path must be taken.

Precision must be paramount

At present, what is the biggest expectation of China's high-end machine tool users? China's machine tool manufacturing enterprises can develop high-precision machine tools to replace imports as soon as possible, thereby eliminating the high-cost pain and maintenance worries that high-precision machine tools mostly rely on imports to Chinese machine tool users. That's the top priority. With the continuous improvement of China's equipment level, the continuous expansion of product specifications, and the continuous improvement of parts accuracy, the dependence on high-precision machine tools is also growing. Therefore, the primary goal of upgrading domestic machine tools should be the upgrading of accuracy. Therefore, "accuracy first" has become the first insistence of sincere machine tool product upgrading.

YH605 CNC spiral bevel gear milling machine adopts hobbing method to milling spiral bevel gear, zero-degree bevel gear and hypoid gear, and the adjustment of root bevel angle depends on the adjustment of angle grating ruler and digital display table; the cutter is driven by spindle motor, and the workpiece spindle is driven directly by torque motor, which eliminates the transmission gap and achieves high precision. Milling, the highest accuracy can reach 5 levels.

YH6250A NC spiral bevel gear broaching machine, the work piece indexing is driven directly by the moment motor, and the indexing accuracy is high. When processing left-handed gear, only the lateral adjustment of the tool box is needed, and the vertical adjustment of the work piece is not needed, thus improving the cutting rigidity of the machine tool, and realizing the precision machining of medium-sized hypoid gear and spiral bevel gear.

JCC32M CNC whirlwind gear grooving machine adopts the advanced whirlwind milling technology in the world at present, and equipped with automatic deburring device, which has the function of automatic deburring; equipped with automatic gear matching device, can ensure accurate and reliable positioning. Its processing accuracy can fully meet the processing needs of high-end users.

YHL9380 NC gear chamfering machine is a four-axis three-way NC machine tool. It has made a great breakthrough in the process of chamfering large modulus internal teeth. The vertical layout structure is adopted. The workpiece indexing is controlled by the torque motor, the servo motor drives the column to move horizontally, and the cutter holder drives the finger milling cutter installed on the universal angle head vertically to process, which ensures the high accuracy of the processing.

Efficiency should be king

Processing efficiency is undoubtedly the biggest concern of machine tool users in China. Today, with rising labor costs, rising energy prices, increasingly fierce market competition, and increasingly diluted profits of enterprises, machine tools with high speed and high efficiency will inevitably become the target that Chinese machine tool users are competing for. The reason is very simple. Whoever takes the lead in adopting high-speed and high-efficiency machine tools will be able to minimize costs and thus have the initiative to compete. In response to the demand of high-end machine tool users, in product upgrading, sincere machine tools have a second insistence - "efficiency is king".

YH606 CNC spiral bevel gear milling machine adopts dry cutting mode, the spindle speed of cutter head can reach 225 rpm, and the linear speed can reach 551 mm/s, and its processing efficiency is much higher than that of conventional cutting mode.

YH6250A NC spiral bevel gear broaching machine and workpiece spindle clamping are braked directly by the moment motor, which changes the structure of the previous thin film cylinder, not only has good braking effect, but also greatly improves the processing efficiency.

JCC32M NC cyclone gear grooving machine, as a new type of efficient NC cyclone gear grooving machine, uses cycloid processing principle to process three slider grooves of synchronizer gear at the same time, so as to improve the processing efficiency by multiple.

YHL9380 NC gear chamfering machine not only uses dry cutting, but also has the function of automatic circulation besides loading and unloading the workpiece. Its processing efficiency has been greatly improved.

Complex function is indispensable

If "special machine" has long been sought after by machine tool users, then "multi-purpose machine" should be the greatest desire of more machine tool users now and in the future. This is because, compared with users, multi-purpose machine can not only reduce the cost of procurement, but also reduce the area occupied, but also reduce the number of workers, which can be said to be more than one action.  Especially important, with the help of multi-purpose machine, machine tool users can respond flexibly in the market with variable product demand, and effectively avoid idle machine tools.

To this end, the development of functional composite machine tools has become the third insistence of sincere machine tools for product upgrading.

YH606 NC spiral bevel gear milling machine, as a functional upgrade version of YH605 NC spiral bevel gear milling machine, adopts SIEMENS 840D servo system, the lattice and Austrian spiral bevel gears are machinable, and the EN and FS cutter discs can be used to realize both "lattice" and "Austrian" machine. All kinds of cutting methods are available. JCC32M CNC cyclone gear grooving machine is equipped with automatic deburring device, which adds the function of automatic deburring.

In particular, YHL9380 NC gear chamfering machine, through modular combination design, equipped with two kinds of finger milling cutters, can chamfer or chamfer the inner gear ring with the maximum diameter of 800mm; equipped with different tool holders, it not only has the function of sharp and blunt chamfering, but also can realize milling, shaving and hobbing.

With the development of high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision and multi-function, and up to the international advanced level, the product upgrading of sincere machine tools has the significance of the creation of core technology and substantial progress. The upgraded machine tools have become a group of energy-saving and environmental protection. This is the fourth insistence of sincere machine tools that never give up.

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