Sincere Machine Tool Four Kinds of Machine Tools will be Shown at the Seventh China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition

Column:Company News Time:2012-04-16

Name of the exhibition:

Seventh China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition




Nanjing International Expo Center

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I. YH606 NC Spiral Bevel Gear Milling Machine (Specification_600 *M15)

YH606 NC spiral bevel gear milling machine is an upgraded version of YH605 NC spiral bevel gear milling machine. Hobbing method is used to milling spiral bevel gear, zero-degree bevel gear and hypoid gear. Orthogonal or non-orthogonal spiral bevel gears are usually machined by common compound double-sided method and single-sided method. This machine is suitable for the processing of medium modulus spiral bevel gears in car, light truck, tractor, construction machinery and other industries.

Outstanding performance:

1. SIEMENS 840D servo system is used to realize the cutting of Austrian spiral bevel gears. EN and FS cutters can be used.

2. With dry cutting and wet cutting, the spindle speed of the cutter head can reach 225 rpm and the linear speed can reach 551 mm/s.

3. The workpiece spindle adopts the direct drive mechanism of the moment motor to eliminate the transmission clearance and realize high precision milling with a precision of 5 grades.

4. Tool drive shaft is driven by spindle motor.

5. The adjustment of root cone angle depends on the adjustment of angle grating ruler and display meter.


2. YH6250A NC Spiral Bevel Gear Broaching Machine (Specification 500 *M12)

YH6250A NC spiral bevel gear broaching machine is a new, efficient and finishing machine for medium-sized hypoid gears and spiral bevel gears. It is suitable for mass production of fixed varieties, such as automobile, tractor, construction machinery and national defense aviation industry, especially for precise processing of rear axle passive gears of automobiles and tractors.

Outstanding performance:

1. The indexing of the workpiece is driven directly by the torque motor, so the indexing accuracy is high.

2. The workpiece spindle clamping is braked directly by the moment motor, which changes the structure of the previous thin film cylinder. The structure is simple and the braking effect is good.

3. When machining left-handed gears, the machine tool only adjusts the tool box horizontally, not vertically and vertically, so as to improve the cutting rigidity of the machine tool.


3. JCC32M NC Cyclone Gear Grooving Machine (Specification 930*M5)

JCC32M NC cyclone gear grooving machine is a new type of NC cyclone gear grooving machine. The slider groove of automobile synchronizer gear is processed by using the advanced cyclone milling technology in the world. It is a kind of special machine tool for NC milling with high efficiency. It is especially suitable for mass production of automobile synchronizer gears with few varieties.

Outstanding performance:

1. The machine tool uses cycloid processing principle to process three slider grooves of synchronizer gears at the same time, so the processing efficiency is high.

2. The machine tool is equipped with automatic deburring device, which has the function of automatic deburring.

3. Machine tools are equipped with automatic gear alignment device to ensure accurate and reliable positioning.


4. YHL9380 NC Gear Chamfering Machine (Specification 800 *M8)

YHL9380 NC gear chamfering machine is a four-axis three-way NC machine tool. This machine tool is equipped with two finger milling cutters to chamfer or chamfer the inner gear ring with a maximum diameter of 800mm. In addition to loading and unloading workpieces, it can automatically circulate, and is suitable for locomotives, tractors, heavy machine tools and wind power industries.

Outstanding performance:

1. Realize the technological breakthrough of chamfering angle of large modulus inner teeth;

2. Four-axis triple-action, torque motor control workpiece indexing, high processing accuracy;

3. It has the function of dry cutting.

4. Modular combination makes the machine tool have a number of expanding functions, equipped with different tool holders, which can realize the functions of sharp edge and blunt edge chamfering, as well as milling, shaving and hobbing.

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