People who add luster to sincerity--Installation and debugging notes of Sanpu Machine Tool Exported to Korea

Column:Company News Time:2012-03-10

On February 28, 2012, the first six employees of our company went to Sanpu Company of Korea for the installation and commissioning of machine tools. Our company has exported four machine tools, including two YH605 NC spiral bevel gear milling machine, one YH9460 NC spiral bevel gear milling cutter disc grinding machine and one YH9060A NC rolling inspection machine.

The first six employees of No. 28 set out from home in the morning and arrived at Sanpu Company at noon. They took a short rest, and in the afternoon they were engaged in intensive work. At the beginning of Sanpu Company, the packing box of the machine tool has not been opened, and colleagues begin to dismantle and pack. Because of the size problem of the machine tool, YH605 and YH9460 can not be transported together with protection. They can only dismantle the protection and pack it separately, which brings great difficulty to the installation and debugging personnel. When they unpacked the boxes, what they saw was pieces of iron, which could hardly be connected with the protection of beautiful appearance and compact structure. Busan, South Korea, has been raining, and Sanpu has arranged machine tools to the door of the workshop. There is no heating in the workshop, the cold wind is blowing, colleagues wear thin work clothes, no matter how many clothes they wear, or feel cold hands and feet. There is no large-tonnage crane in Sanpu's factory building, and the hired forklift has only one day, and Sanpu has not determined the installation location of the machine tool. Colleagues are in such a tight time, heavy tasks, inadequate external conditions, and harsh environment, began the installation of machine tools. Four machine tools, four fitters, one electrician and one machine tool debugger are obviously short of staff to deal with such tedious work. However, instead of stagnating in the face of difficulties, their colleagues are united and help each other. At this time, there is no boundary between types of work, no distinction between men and women, no distinction between old and young. The classification and splicing of protection began in full swing. Jiang Hongjin, who was working as an electrician in the late sixties, was busy with everyone at this time. The first day's work didn't end until more than eight o'clock in the evening.

In this way, they work for nearly 12 hours every day. In the evening, the workshop workers come home from work. They are still working. The company has a day off on Independence Day. They do not have a rest. What they want to do is to install the machine tool as soon as possible. On March 5, when our second batch arrived, the machine tool had been basically installed in only five and a half days. When we first arrived at Sanpu Company, we saw brand-new machine tools neatly placed in the workshop, and our workers were busy working in their respective positions. Influenced by this atmosphere, we soon joined the team. When the bell rang, Jin Chi-chang of Sanpu asked everyone to go to dinner. He was busy with the work at hand, but no one stopped. Jin Chi-chang called four times, and then everyone put down the work at hand.

The employees of Sanpu Company do not understand the principle of our machine tools and spiral bevel gears at all, which brings great difficulties to our training work. Li Enqing needs to start with the simplest gear principle. Every parameter in the gear cutting program is explained several times in detail until they understand and remember the next training content. The whole training process is like a leap from elementary school to university in a short time. Over the past few days, Li Enqing's voice has been hoarse, but he did not think about so much. He just wanted to take all the time to finish and explain the training before he left, because only in this way can he be trusted by customers and companies.

In the two weeks in Sanpu, although the work is very tired, but the staff do not feel hard at all, because there is always a long-term concern about our work and life - Leng Zong. He asked the staff numerous times about their accommodation and eating habits, hoping to provide a solid backing for everyone, so that they can work without worries. Even Vice President Jin of Sanpu said that Leng was different from their president Luo. Leng was more approachable and concerned about employees. We are also very honored to be such a leader.

For the dedication of sincere employees, Sanpu Company from President Luo to workshop workers all raised their thumbs to give full affirmation. President Luo said that sincere machine tools had brightened up the whole of their workshop. In Chinese words, it was Peng Pi Shenghui. In the process of machine tool debugging, it attracted many heads of Korean gear processing companies to visit Sanpu. President Luo proudly said that he had YH605 in Korea, which no one else had. He was NO.1 in Korea, and he was very proud.

During this trip to Busan, sincere machine tools became popular and sincere employees were applauded. We showed Korean users that sincere is a very good team, sincere can produce world-class machine tools. I believe that this trip to Busan is only our first stop. In the future, we will have more machine tools exported to Korea, and our machine tools will be applied to more fields in Korea.

Editor's note:

This is the sincere staff, this is the sincere team, every employee is a banner. The stories in the banner either moved us or inspired us. Every day and night in Sanpu, the conditions are not available, and there is no shouting and exhaustion; time is pressing, to carry forward the "five plus two, white plus black" continuous struggle; before the task, regardless of you and me, break the boundaries of work, harmony is the first. They know that the support behind them is sincerity.

What they have done to add luster to sincerity has won respect, appreciation and trust for sincerity. Or that sentence: "If you do your part and I do my part, the enterprise will be more vigorous; if you solve a problem and I solve a problem, the development of the enterprise will be no problem."

The installation and commissioning personnel of Sanpu Machine Tool in Korea are Qi Xuehong, Wang Yuehui, Fu Shichao, Qiujiang, Jiang Hongjin, Li Enqing, Wang Hongli, Wang Xugang and He Jun.

Let's salute them!

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