Shang Delai, Secretary of Dongli District Committee, went deep into the investigation of enterprise contact points

Column:Company News Time:2012-02-24



On February 24, Shang Delai, Secretary of Dongli District Party Committee, emphasized that we should carry out in-depth activities of "structure investigation, people's livelihood benefit and higher level" to help enterprises strengthen their economic strength and enhance their core competitiveness, and support enterprises to become bigger and stronger.

Shangdelaihe District Committee Consultant Secretary Changrong, Dai Dongqiang, District Committee Standing Committee, Executive Vice-District Director, Yuan Shufa, District Committee Office Director, Zhang Hongbao, came to Jingcheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd. to have a detailed understanding of the production and operation of the enterprise, listened to the work report of the leadership of Jingcheng Company, and the difficulties encountered by the enterprise. On-site coordinated solution.

Jingcheng Company is a high and new technology enterprise registered in Dongli Economic Development Zone in 2004. Over the years, through independent innovation, the company has emerged as a new force in the national gear machine tool industry. The economic indicators of the enterprise have increased more than 10 times, the cumulative tax payment is 45 million yuan, and more than 50 new products have been developed and innovated. It has been authorized by the state successively. 81 patents. Among them, 19 first-class prizes for scientific and technological progress were awarded by national and provincial Trade associations, and many products were awarded "national key new products" by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and were awarded Tianjin Technology Innovation Enterprise for three consecutive years.

The leaders of the district highly appraised the independent innovation ability and achievements of scientific and technological research and development of enterprises. They always aimed at the world's advanced technology, accelerated the research and development of high-tech products, and strived to enhance their core competitiveness. They also fully affirmed the achievements made in enterprise management, market development, technological innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection. He hoped that enterprises would become stronger and make greater contributions to Dongli District. He asked the relevant departments of the district to actively help enterprises to achieve greater development, and to help solve the problems encountered in the development of enterprises as soon as possible.

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