Solving the Problem of Spiral Bevel Gear Processing by Honest Machine Tool

Column:Company News Time:2011-11-21

Reprinted the article published by Qi Xueling, reporter of China Industry Daily on November 21, 2011


A JCB60 NC bevel gear milling machine, which can process Gleason and Oerlikon spiral bevel gears and has dry and wet cutting methods, has been successfully developed in Tianjin Jingcheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd. So far, there are new ways to solve the problem of gear making which has long plagued the processing of spiral bevel gears in China.

Tooth system is divided into "grid" and "Austria", which is difficult for processing enterprises to choose from.

Spiral bevel gear, with its advantages of high coincidence, smooth transmission, high transmission ratio and load-bearing capacity, has always been an indispensable key component of the internal transmission system of automobiles, ships, aircraft, engineering, agriculture and other machinery. But because the manufacturers who first controlled the voice of spiral bevel gear processing machine tools in the world follow different technological routes and adopt different processing methods, the processed spiral bevel gears are not only divided into "arc" and "epicycloid" tooth profiles, but also have "gradual shrinkage" and "equal height" tooth systems. The most authoritative and influential are Gleason of the United States and Oleken of Switzerland. The former contends for hegemony with "shrinking" teeth system, while the latter contests with "equal height" teeth system. Because spiral bevel gears with different teeth can't mesh with each other, there are almost two major processing systems and two major user groups in the world, which are "lattice" or "Austrian".

In our country, Grison gear is the standard of spiral bevel gear processing. For a long time, whether domestic machine tools or imported machine tools, mostly for the processing of Grison spiral bevel gears. With the continuous influx of foreign-funded enterprises supporting helical bevel gears made of Olikang teeth into our country, and with the domestic processing of helical bevel gears moving towards the world, it is incompatible with the users of helical bevel gears made of Olikang teeth, which makes the Chinese helical bevel gear processing enterprises very injured.

The choice of market has become a difficult problem faced by Chinese spiral bevel gear processing enterprises.

To continue to follow the one-sided "standard" line, we must abandon the "Austrian" users and the market, reluctant and unwilling. In particular, "Austrian" machine tools with its continuous indexing milling process brought about by efficient cutting, as well as "Austrian" spiral bevel gears have more advantages such as low vibration and noise, the "Austrian" in the international market share and influence is increasing. Even in our country, the spiral bevel gears for high-grade commercial vehicles and heavy trucks are mostly equipped with contour gears. For Chinese spiral bevel gear processing enterprises, this is not only a long-term vision but also a near-term concern. If we want to have both, we must rely on imports if we do not have the mature manufacturing technology of Austrian-made machine tools in our country, and the huge investment is the most unbearable burden for many gear processing enterprises. While Chinese spiral bevel gear processing enterprises are confused about whether to go left or right, foreign spiral bevel gear machine tool manufacturing enterprises, such as Grison and Olekang, have developed one-step spiral bevel gear machine tools which can process "Ge" and "O" teeth with the same machine through mutual reference and penetration. The price also makes Chinese spiral bevel gear processing enterprises sigh.

Chinese spiral bevel gear processing enterprises have long hoped that Chinese machine tool manufacturers will independently develop "Ge" and "Ao" spiral bevel gear processing machine tools with the same machine to help them achieve both fish and bear's paw.

"Sincerity" thrust, "Ge" and "Austria" become reality in the same time

Tianjin Jingcheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a rising star in the field of gear machine tool manufacturing in China. It is well-known for successfully developing YH603G, YH6016, YH9150 and other high-grade NC spiral bevel gear machine tools to fill the gaps in China, constantly breaking the technological monopoly of foreign countries. In order to listen to the urgent call of domestic spiral bevel gear processing enterprises and break the technological monopoly of foreign countries once again, since September 2010, they have started the development of spiral bevel gear machine tools with "Ge" and "Austrian" two kinds of gear systems that can be processed in the same machine.

Over the next year, they successively conquered six key technologies, such as different cutting models, cutting motion modes, selection and selection of relevant parameters, the relationship between cutting parameters and cutting force, cutting temperature, high-speed cutting stability. In October this year, they successfully launched a seven-axis Six-linkage JCB60 NC bevel gear milling machine. 。 After many tests, this machine tool is very suitable for the processing of medium modulus spiral bevel gears for cars, light trucks, tractors and construction machinery, especially for the processing of rear axle gears.

According to the person in charge of the company's technology center, this machine tool, with its collective innovation, highlights four bright spots in the processing process. The first is that the operator only needs to select the preset corresponding standard cutter head and the corresponding processing method to realize the perfect processing of "grid" and "Austrian" spiral bevel gears on this machine tool. The second is the first dry cutting of spiral bevel gears in China, which achieves the goal that the domestic machine tool manufacturing enterprises have been pursuing diligently but have not yet achieved. Its processing efficiency is more than five times that of the traditional wet cutting. Third, the cutter head spindle and workpiece spindle are driven by a torque motor, which improves the transmission accuracy and machine rigidity, ensures that the processing accuracy is stable at level 5, and fully meets the accuracy requirements of automobile rear axle gears. Fourth, the use of dry cutting without cutting fluid, not only to achieve pollution-free green processing, but also reduce processing costs.

Industry authorities have given this machine tool a high appraisal. It is believed that the appearance of this machine tool not only broke the technological monopoly and price monopoly of foreign countries, but also cracked the problems faced by domestic spiral bevel gear processing enterprises.

The difficult problem of gear manufacturing has provided equipment support for Chinese spiral bevel gear processing enterprises to seize the multi-tooth market, and the successful attempt of dry cutting in spiral bevel gear processing has played a leading and demonstration role in the follow-up innovation of Chinese bevel gear processing equipment and technology, its impact will be significant and far-reaching. .

At present, this machine tool has entered mass production and began to sell to users. Leng Jie, chairman and general manager of the company, said that with the processing performance of the advanced international level and the absolute advantage of cost-effective ratio, this machine tool should not only replace imports, but also play an important role in the international market.

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