Rules for Installation and Debugging of YH603G/YH603B/YH603H


I. Equipment Removal and Lifting

Before unpacking, the number of boxes should be checked to confirm whether the number of boxes is correct. After disassembly, confirm with each other whether the appearance of the equipment and its components are normal and non-destructive. If there is a problem, record the scene in time and contact the company so as to deal with the problem quickly and minimize the impact on the installation and debugging process. After unpacking, find out the packing list and attachment form immediately, check all the items carried in the packing box with the customer, and hand over the signature (if there are special items such as inspection mandrel, please specify the storage requirements). When lifting, it is necessary to explain the lifting position of the equipment to the customers so as to select the lifting mode, understand the weight of the machine tool and select the appropriate lifting equipment. When lifting, care should be taken not to damage the mechanical parts and external protection of machine tools.

II. Installation preparation

Inspect the appearance, accessories and external electrical and hydraulic lines immediately after the equipment is in place. If the crane causes damage, please confirm with the customer immediately. Know the power grid situation of workshop from customers to ensure the normal connection between power grid and equipment. According to the power of machine tools, help customers to choose the correct connection diameter, type and size of the switch and grounding mode. If there is pneumatic equipment, the customer should prepare the gas source according to the use requirements. Ask customers to prepare oil for hydraulic, lubrication and cooling according to the instructions.

When adjusting the level of the machine tool, in order to adjust conveniently, the pad iron of four corners of the machine tool can be placed first, and the pad iron of other parts can be placed after the adjustment is completed. When the level adjustment is finished, the other parts of the machine tool should be put in place, including electrical cabinet, hydraulic box and chip removal device. When installing, attention should be paid to the corresponding number of each component with the number of the machine tool, so as to prevent errors.

III. Installation of Mechanical Parts

3.1 When connecting the tubing of the hydraulic tank, the tubing shall be connected in accordance with the marking on the tubing and the protective joint.

3.2 After the chip remover is in place, the oil outlet and the protective end can be connected by a throat hoop.

IV. Electrical Part Installation

There are four groups of wires between the machine tool and the electrical cabinet, two of which are rectangular plugs, which can be inserted directly by the number. Before connecting, it should be confirmed that all pins in the plug and socket are normal. The latter two groups are connected with the terminal inside the electric cabinet.

The specific wiring methods are as follows:

4.1 Drive Module Power Line Connection

The electrical part of the machine tool has four driving modules, namely X, Y, Z and A.

There is a clear mark on the drive line.

The connection method of YH603 is that the operator faces the driver module, and there are two interfaces at the top and bottom of the right side. The lower interface connects orange line, the outer interface connects X, and the inner interface connects Y. The upper interface is connected with a green wire, and the connection position corresponds to the lower one (that is, the outer interface is connected with X, the inner interface is connected with Y). The middle driver module is the same as the rightmost one. The wiring mode is that the external interface is connected to A and the internal interface is connected to Z.

As shown in the figure:

Diagram below the module: Connect the orange line here










 Diagram above module: Connect green line here









0: Represents Power Module 1: Represents Intermediate Module 2: Represents Right-most Module

Note: Lock the lock with a cross screwdriver after the orange wire is connected. PE (connected to the module, the location is marked,)

4.2 Knife Shaft Inverter Wire Connection Method:

A group of plugs can be inserted in accordance with the specified slot, and the ground wire is connected to the frequency converter, and the position is clearly marked.

4.3 Connection of main axes of cutters and motor fans:

Tool spindle motor line is composed of U, V, W and PE. The bottom terminal of the electric cabinet is marked and connected in sequence.

The fan lines of spindle motor are U7, V7 and W7. Location is also at the bottom terminal.

4.4 Connection of Machine Tool Indicators and Protective Lamps

The line numbers of machine tool indicator lamps are Q22, Q23, Q24, M. terminals on the upper right side of the electric cabinet can be connected by number; machine tool protective lights can be connected by line color, after connecting, pay attention to wrapping the joint with insulating tape.

4.5 Connection of hydraulic box, chip remover, etc. pump motor:

All the above three motors are three-phase electricity and can be connected by number.

4.6 External power supply is connected to the designated position in the electrical cabinet, and the ground wire (PE) must be fabricated according to the standard.

Note: Check whether the electrical components are loose or damaged after the wiring is completed, and whether the air switch has been turned on. After checking, power on.

V. Power-on preparation and start-up debugging

Before power-on, all electrical circuits of the equipment should be checked once to confirm whether there are leakage, misconnection and loosening, and check whether the voltage of the electric cabinet's inlet line is normal (380V +10%) with a multimeter. At the same time, all oil and gas circuits should be checked whether they are connected properly, and whether the hydraulic, cooling and lubricating oil levels are correct. The above mentioned items can be checked and confirmed before power on.

5.1 Check the direction of the hydraulic box, cooling pump and chip remover motor after power-on.

5.2 First remove the red fixtures of X and Z axes, then turn on the machine, Y axes + move in the direction, and take out the red blocks under the axle body of the knife.

5.3 After starting the hydraulic system, first check the system pressure and branch pressure according to the instructions, and then check whether the machine tool tightens the cylinder correctly: the correct action is (clamping the indicator lights on, the solenoid valve on the hydraulic box turns off, the clamping cylinder pulls back). If the action is opposite, clamp the workpiece and relax the workpiece. The root canal can be exchanged.

5.4 Check the time and flow setting of the timing quantitative lubrication system.

5.5 Check Machine Tool Center. (Machine Tool Instructions say there are checking steps)

5.6 Call the program named "YANCHE" in the program list of machine tools to run idle for 4 hours.

If no abnormal condition is found, a trial cut can be carried out.

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