Product name:YH606
YH606 CNC Curved Tooth Bevel Gear Generator


This machine is a CNC servo drive machine tool, which cuts spiral bevel gears, zero bevel gear and hypoid gears with the generating method. In general, the machine will adopt the common compound spread-blade method and the single-side method to cut the right-angle or non-right-angle spiral bevel gears. This machine is suitable for the production requirements of medium modulus of spiral bevel gears used in the Cars, light trucks, tractors and construction machinery industries.


   This is a CNC five-axis servo drive machine tool, have machining spiral bevel gear with “GLEASON” and “OERLIKON” tooth function.

   The machining precision is GB 6; surface finish is 1.6, which can meet high level manufacturers’ requirement.

   The workpiece spindle adopts torque motor to drive directly so that eliminate backlash.

   The cutter spindle adopts spindle motor to drive.

   The root angle setting is depending on grating scales and digital display instrument.

    The machine adopts two cutting modes: dry cutting and wet cutting.

Parameter table:

Design sketch:

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