Product name:YH9150
YH9150 CNC Bevel Gear Lapping Machine


YH9150 CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Lapping machine is five-axis, it is used for improving the surface finish of tooth flanks, corrects the tooth distortions after heat treatment, and modifies the position and size of the tooth bearings, therefore to achieve smooth transmission, lower noise and extends the life of the gear. The machine is designed for large batch production of bevel gear, which mainly used in automobile、car、shipbuilding industry.


  This is five axis with three linkage machine tool, it adopts coordinate axis structure, good rigidity, reliability, high-accuracy and easy maintenance.

  The machine have automatic tooth function, gear spindle is driven by spindle   motor.

  The pinion is load by servo motor, the load force is stable.

   Each linear axis are driven by servo motor, it can drive directly and control backlash steadily.

  The machine can adjust backlash for gear automatically during lapping process.

  The machine is equipped with lapping fluid mixing and supply system independently

  The machine adopts safe and suitable entire protective covers.

  The machine adopts pneumatic sealing the gear and pinion spindle.

Parameter table:

Design sketch:

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