Product name:YH9060A
YH9060A CNC Bevel Gear Testing Machine


The machine is suitable for automobile industry、construction machinery industry and so on. The machine is used for testing right angle straight bevel gear, spiral bevel gear and hypoid gear, which diameter is up to 600mm. The machine is simple operation, good stability, especially suitable for mass production need.


  The movement of driving headstock、driven headstock and the column uses the servo motor and high accuracy ball screw so that realized auto-feed、 keep setting backlash function and automatic tooth position.

  The driving headstock adopts variable frequency speed control so that achieve 0~2000 r /min stepless speed and automatic change the direction of turning

  The driven headstock adopts portal style frame structure, thereby improved structure rigidity and ensured stability for tested gear meshing position.

  The workpiece is clamped by clamping cylinder. The loading and unloading workpiece is convenient, so that raise the working efficiency.

  The CNC system adopts REXROTH CNC servo system. It is suitable for mass production demand; the testing result is stable and reliable.

Parameter table:

Design sketch:

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