Product name:YH603G/YH603H
YH603G CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Generator
YH603H CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Generator




The machine is four axis CNC spiral bevel gear generator, which is coordinate axis structure to machining spiral bevel gear、zerol bevel gear and hypoid gear. The machine is specially designed for industrial sewing machine, instrument, electrical tool, light automobile, automobile, tractor, construction machinery, petroleum machinery, power generation, mining machinery, shipbuilding.


 It is a four axis CNC machine, and adopts independent developed program to machining spiral bevel gear. Except root angle by manual, the others is controlled by digital, the operation is easy and ensured accuracy of adjustment. The CNC control system and complete sets of components are using high quality import unit so as to ensure mechanical reliability

The machine is structured by sliding base and sliding housing in steady of traditional cradle and cradle housing, without cradle worm and worm gear, high traveling speed, without backlash. The machine is a horizontal layout, The machine bed, column, cutter headstock and workpiece headstock has a better structural and transmission rigidity; High precision workpiece spindle and high precision dual-lead worm gear to ensure the horizontal index accuracy. This cutting accuracy of gears can reach class 6 as per standard GB10095-88.

Parameter table:

Design sketch:

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