Product name:YH9460
YH9460 CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Cutter Sharpener


The model YH9460 CNC Spiral Bevel Gear cutter Sharpener is designed for sharpening the milling cutter and broach cutter which used for cutting the spiral bevel gear. The machine adopts the CBN grinding wheels and suitable for spiral bevel gear and sharpening the cutting faces of the tools in the tool factories.


  The machine adopts double measuring head to testing cutter tooth and grinding wheel position, the operation is accurate and simple.

  The machine uses CBN grinding wheel with high-precision and smooth finish.

  The machine can grind GLEASON cutter and OERLIKON system EN cutter.

  The machine is controlled by five-axis which adopts SIEMENS servo motor, the grind with high-efficient and stability.

  The machine adopts German Renishaw high-precision measuring device. Don't try to grinding, just put the cutter to install on the machine can automatically grinding, grinding quantities can control, save the adjustment time, improve the grinding accuracy.

  The diameter of grinding cutter is 6”~24”; it can meet many factories requirements.

  The machine adopts CNC rotary table in Taiwan bran. It only change the fixture of cutter so that can achieved exchange of GLEASON and OERLIKON EN cutter, the operation is easy.

Parameter table:

Design sketch:

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