Product name:YH6140/6150-YH6240/6250
YH6140/YH6150 CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Generator
YH6240/YH6250 CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Broaching Machine




The machine is a new type, high efficiency machine, which can rough and finish machining for medium size hypoid gear and spiral bevel gear. It applies to large batch production, such as automobile, tractor, construction machinery, national defense and aviation industry, especially used for finish machining of automobile and tractor rear axle driven gear.


●  YH6140/6240 is horizontal layout, the angle between the cutter housing and workpiece housing is 45°.The cutting force is directly supported by the tool bed. With reliable clamping system, the machine achieves good cutting and moving rigidity. YH6150/6250’s cutter housing adopts parallel layout with machine bed, during cutting gear, column of workpiece housing is locked automatically with lower supporting plate.

●   The machine adopts servo motor to control system indexing and new type hydrocylinder clamping mechanism of workpiece spindle.  When the machining, the workpiece spindle is clamped on the workpiece housing firmly, when then indexing, it will separate automatically, rapid indexing.

●   In cutting position,YH6140/6240: At the bottom of slide can make vertical adjustment for workpiece housing so as to achieve needed cutting position. In the meantime, the slide can make horizontal adjustment so that to confirm different cutting position for left or right gear. YH6150/6250: At the bottom of cutter housing slide can make horizontal adjustment to achieve needed cutting position.

●   In the setting angle adjustment, YH6140/6240 is cutter housing with slide rotation so as to achieve setting angle adjustment, at the same time cutter housing makes horizontal movement to achieve needed cutting postion; YH6150/6250 is workpiece housing with column rotation so as to achieve setting angle adjustment. And in the unloading workpieces can make the workpiece spindle surface face to operator, so that reduce the labor intensity of the operator greatly.

●  The cutter spindle of machine is driven by spindle servo motor, the structure of cutter housing is easy, during finish machining, and the cutter spindle can achieve right stop position. Behind cutter spindle is connected electric cam in order to send indexing motion signal. During rough machining, it is take advantage of spindle servo motor to achieve high speed rotation.

Parameter table:

Design sketch:

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