Product name:YH6250A
YH6250A CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Broaching Machine


YH6250A is a new-type、high-efficient machine to finish machining the hypoid gear and spiral bevel gear. It applies to large batch production, such as automobile, tractor, construction machinery, national defense and aviation industry, especially used for finish machining of automobile and tractor rear axle driven gear.


●   The operation panel adopts hanging style and install on the protective cover, in the meanwhile is equipped with hand wheel and foot switch, the operation is easy.

●   The indexing of workpiece is driven by torque motor directly, so it with high-precision, to avoid irregular tooth problem.

●   The clamping of workpiece spindle is controlled by torque motor directly, change the structure of film oil cylinder, the structure is simple and braking effect is good.

●   When the machine is machining the left hand gear, the cutter housing makes horizontal adjustment and don’t make vertical movement so as to improve the cutting rigidity.

Parameter table:

Design sketch:

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