Product name:JCB60
JCB60 CNC Spiral Bevel Gear Generator


The JCB series CNC spiral bevel gear generator is six-axis with five linkages machine, its use individual indexing and continuous indexing processing method, in the meanwhile use corresponding cutter and corresponding processing method to machining spiral bevel gear with” GLEASON” and “OERLIKON” gear tooth system. The machine can meet trial-manufacture of multi-variety small batch products, also adapts the in mass production demand. The produced gears are usually used for automobile car、light load truck、 tractor and construction machinery , and special for rear axles gear of automobile.

Product Characteristics:

  The cutter spindle and workpiece spindle are driven by torque motor so that improve the transmission accuracy and machine rigidity.

  The cutter spindle and workpiece spindle adopt torque motor to drive directly so that eliminate backlash.

  The machine is equipped with two cutting modes: ”GLEASON” and   “OERLIKON”, and adopts format method and generating method to machining “OERLINKON” cycloid gear.

  The machine adopts two cutting modes: dry cutting and wet cutting. The dry cutting efficiency is three to five times more than wet cutting.

  The dry cutting is the most successful, the surface finish is good, high- efficient, save energy sources and environmental protection so that save the cost of oil liquid.

  The machine has cutter spindle tilt compensating mechanism.

  The machine adopts modified-roll method to machining “GLEASON” tooth system gears, it have tooth surface correction characteristic.

   The cutter headstock with side hanging structure, therefore strengthen column structure and cutter headstock is running smoothly.

  The machine bed is L-type layout, which ensure that the scrap falls on the chip conveyor directly during make dry cutting so that the scrap take away heat directly , it not transfer to bed, maximum reduce thermal distortion .

 Parameter table:

Design sketch:

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