Product name:YH31160
YH31160 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

Model YH31160 CNC gear hobbing machine is of six-axis with four-linkage. Designed on the basis of Generating Method,using the electronic gear-box of CNC system to achieve indexing and differential compensation movements, the machine can be applied to processing straight spur gears, helical spur gears, various special-shaped shaft gears, worm gears, drum gears and splines. The hob carrier can be fixed not only with hob cutter, but also with single gear milling cutter. The machine is specially designed for processing gears of large module with a few teeth for various industries which including heavy duty automobiles, cranes, mining, shipbuilding, elevators, power-generating equipments and engineering machinery.
1. With the spindle system adopting the high-power servo spindle motor, high-precision helical gear pair transmission and one-tooth differential gap eliminating unit, the machine enjoys a high rigidity and a highly precise transmission.
2. The worktable adopts a large torque motor that directly drives the motion of the worktable, achieving zero transmission. The coupling motion of the cutter spindle and the worktable spindle is closed-loop controlled, ensuring a high precision of processing.
3. The machine is suitable for both dry cutting and wet cutting. With a high-speed dry cutting hob, the high-speed dry cutting processing can be achieved with a high efficiency.
4. The indexing and differential compensation movements are achieved though the function of the electronic gear box of CNC system.
5. The machine is suitable for processing shaft gears and disk gears, especially for gears of large module with a few teeth.

Parameter table:

Design sketch:

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