Product name:JCC32X
JCC32X CNC Whirlwind Gear Chamfering Machine

The machine adopts the principle of whirlwind usage for milling so as to reduces the idle stroke, and improve the processing efficiency. The spindle adopts direct drive torque motor, cutter spindle uses direct connection servo motor,eliminated the transmission backlash so that ensured workpiece spindle’s synchronism performance with cutter spindle,makes machining accuracy stable and reliable. According to the customers’ order, the machine can be equipped with non-contact automatic tooth meshing device, adjust digital display device by manual、automatic lubrication, automatic door , deburring device etc., and it meets various needs of the customers. The type of machine is specially designed for automobile, tractor, motorcycle and other industries. It is applied to the gear chamfering for the gearboxand the synchronizer, especially suitable for batch production of small variety.
The manual adjustment shaft is equipped with digital display device, which can show all kinds of manual adjustment position, so as to reduce replacement adjusting time.
The machine was established the mathematical model, and independent development adjustment software, and then the precision can satisfy software requirements.
The cutter spindle adopts side hanging style, good in technology. The manual adjustment adopts rectangular 、dovetail guideway, the revolving axles is close to cutter with high precision.
The machine bed adopts large angle chip removal outlet, it is covered stainless steel plate and suitable for dry cutting. The iron chips trolly has insert into machine bed directly, it is convenient to maintenance.
Typical workpiece is compared with traditional processing method:



Synchronizer toothed sleeves.




Number of teeth



Pressure angle



included angle(single side)


Transverse angle


symmetry degree


Indexing machining

Whirlwind chamfering machining

Machining efficiency:Above 45 sec.(one cutting)

      60 sec.(twice cutting)

           It is easy to produce burr.

Machining efficiency:16 sec.

             without burr

              Process Smoothness Well

 Parameter table:

Design sketch:


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