Product name:YH9340D
YH9340D CNC Gear Chamfering Machine

The machine is mainly used for machining: plane point angle、crown angle, single side plane point angle、nonsymmetrical plane point angle and suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small type of internal and external gear,gear shaft of the chamfering processing. It is specially designed for automobile, tractor and motorcycle and so on.
The cutter spindle adopts side hanging style, it can reduce the length of cutter spindle and matching with high rigidity column so as to make the general rigidity is getting better.
The cutter support is redesigned in the meanwhile increased adjust freedom degree of vertical direction; two cutter support can adjust height separately. The manual rotary spindle adopts rolling bearing so as to eliminate the clearance; the manual linear adjust spindle adopts rectangular shape scrape guideway instead of original feather key with high- accuracy and adjustment is easy.
The operation panel adopts cantilever hanging style. Operation is easy in the meanwhile avoid iron chip、oil to damage for CNC control system so as to save the service life.
The length of cutter spindle is short; the cutter support rotary center position is changed so as to the iron chip can fall down above chip removal passway. It is convenient to maintenance.
The machine bed is redesign and increases the angle of chip removal. The main area is increased stainless steel lining board so that ensure the chip removal smoothly;
Due to structural change so that the machine has increased the internal space, To adjust two cutter spindle is completed on the right side one time, Replace the blade also can be done on the right side.

Parameter table:

Design sketch:

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