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YHZ9330A NC Spiral Bevel Gear Chamfering Machine

Product Name:YHZ9330A NC Spiral Bevel Gear Chamfering Machine

YHZ9330A NC spiral bevel gear chamfering machine is a five-axis NC servo-driven machine tool. Rexroth NC system is selected. The machine tool can process spiral bevel gears with a maximum diameter of 300mm. The sharp edges of the main pin spiral bevel gears are chamfered at the big end and the small end. The machine tool not only meets the needs of multi-varieties and small batch production, but also meets the needs of large-scale production.

Machine Tool Processing Features: Machine Tool chamfers sharp edges at the large and small ends of spiral bevel gears. Machine Tool chamfers spiral bevel gears with double chamfering cutters. The workpiece is positioned by pneumatic gear mechanism. The workpiece is clamped by pneumatic clamping cylinder. The chamfering cutter and the workpiece spindle are served by chamfering cutter. The chamfering of the tooth profile is realized by the linkage interpolation of the driving motor.

Table of parameters

1. Processing specifications

1.1 Maximum Gear Outer Diameter: 300 mm

1.2 Minimum Gear Outer Diameter: 50 mm

2. Processing range:

2.1 sharp edge chamfering of large and small ends of spiral bevel gears

3. Workpiece spindle

3.1 Diameter of workpiece spindle straight hole 90 mm

3.2 The vertical hole depth of workpiece spindle is 15 mm

4. Electric spindle

4.1 Maximum diameter of clamping tool handle 16 mm

4.2 Electric Spindle Power 1.1 KW

4.3 Spindle Speed 2000~6000r/min

5. Driving shaft torque

X1, X2-Longitudinal Horizontal Mobile Servo Motor 8 Nm

Y1, Y2 - Vertical Up and Down Moving Servo Motor 8 Nm

A-Workpiece Spindle Indexing Torque Motor 12 Nm

6. Machine tool profile size (length *width *height) 2600 *2100 *2350 mm

7. Machine tool weight is about 3000 kg


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