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YHL9320 NC Gear Chamfering Machine

Product Name: YHL9320 NC Gear Chamfering Machine

YHL9320 machine tool is an efficient machine tool developed in response to market demand. It is suitable for chamfering the ends of cylindrical disc straight teeth, helical teeth,
axle straight teeth and helical teeth in batches and in large quantities in automobiles, motorcycles, machine tools, gears and other manufacturers. This machine tool is a NC high
efficiency gear chamfering machine. The machine tool adopts the principle of cold extrusion, uses special chamfering cutter to engage with the workpiece, and the workpiece
drives the cutter to rotate, so as to achieve the purpose of chamfering and deburring the teeth. When chamfering, a part of metal is squeezed to the tooth surface by chamfering
cutter, and a part is squeezed to the tooth end surface. The former is removed by shaving process. The latter is equipped with a special deburring tool. When chamfering, the
deburring tool is close to the end face of the work piece. Because of the role of the friction edge, the deburring tool rotates with the work piece to remove the burr on the end
face of the gear.

Main features of machine tools:

The radial feed of chamfer cutter of machine tool adopts numerical control, which is easy to adjust and control.

The machine tool has good rigidity, high processing efficiency (15S per workpiece), and chamfer surface roughness reaches Ra3.2.

Machine tools can process workpieces with beveled or curved ends.

SIEMENS system is the standard configuration of NC system for machine tools.

Machine tool parameters:

Maximum outer diameter of workpiece:


Minimum Outside Diameter of Workpiece:


Maximum modulus of workpiece:


Minimum modulus of work piece:


Maximum length of workpiece:


Workpiece rotation:


Diameter of chamfering knife:


The distance from the chamfering cutter's revolving axis to the workpiece's revolving center:


Distance from the revolving axis of the deburring cutter to the revolving center of the workpiece:


Machine tool shape size:


Compressed air working pressure:


Gas consumption:


Gas consumption:

0.3m3 / h

Machine tool weight:


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